Gillian Grant
Gillian Grant
Gillian Grant was born in Texas and grew up enthralled with fantasy stories of all kinds. As she got older, she often traveled with her family and imagined wild adventures while exploring the mountains of Colorado and the glens of Scotland. Back home in Texas, she took her love of fantasy to the next level and sat a group of friends down to play Dungeons and Dragons. From there, they built the world her first novel, Where The Shadows Beckon was set in. When she’s not writing, Gillian is normally juggling too many D&D campaigns, grooming dogs, and imagining her next adventure. She still lives in Texas with her two cats.
Where the Shadows Beckon

The Blood of Eith, Book 1

Where the Night Consumes

The Blood of Eith, Book 2

Where the Heart Festers

The Blood of Eith, Book 3

Where the Light Dies

The Blood of Eith, Book 4

Where the Sky Burns

The Blood of Eith, Book 5

Where the Shadows Beckon

Get ready for the journey of a lifetime in the first book of an all-new, captivating fantasy series from thrilling debut author Gillian Grant.

A world without gods.
A dangerous quest.
And a secret that will shake Eith to its very core.

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