Where the Sky Burns

Where the Sky Burns

Blood of Eith, Book 5

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To save their world they must find their way back to one another.

The war rages with the underground empire of Serevadia against the entire surface world. Elven warrior Abraxas Kain had once been the champion of the God of Light. Now he’s known as the Serevadian god Catarmon, blazing his path towards a future with the Divines, no matter how many have to die. The only thing in his way are his old friends, the Wandering Sols.

Stranded apart from one another, each of the Wandering Sols faces an arduous journey, but they must survive if they are to save the world, and their old friend. Can Evren Hanali, who sacrificed the love of her life, now kill the man she promised to save so long ago? Enslaved by the man who murdered his family, can Sorin Trinity escape in time to join the battle? Arke saved his people from Abraxas before, but now challenged with a greater task, the answers he seeks could be deadly. Trapped in enemy territory, Solri Amet has lost her home, her honor, and her friends. She falls back on old skills, but something darker lurks just out of sight.

They’ve each sacrificed so much already. How much was free will, and how much is destiny?

It pains Abraxas more than he’ll admit that the Wandering Sols refuse to fight at his side. Sooner than he’s ready for, he’ll have to choose between the family he found and the Divines who abandoned him. As the final battle looms, can he find redemption in the place where the sky burns?