Where the Heart Festers

Where the Heart Festers

Blood of Eith, Book 3

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A legacy of grief, a sacrifice for love, a battle that may destroy them all…

Half-elf Evren Hanali is dying. She has only vague, terrifying memories of losing her heart and gaining blood magic in return. Her companions, the Wandering Sols, believe the only way to save her is to return Evern to her home. A return to Orenlion means a return to toxic politics and a legacy of traumatic memories, where old friends have changed and old enemies won’t let her slip away again. But when they are approached by a prince in need of an escort through the treacherous Deep Wood, Evren reluctantly agrees to guide them.

The simple escort mission takes a dangerous turn when the prince is kidnapped, thrusting them all into a thousand year blood feud between the elves of Orenlion and the monstrous Hisrachi race. Amidst the brewing storm, Evren’s attraction to one of her companions grows, a weakness her dying body can’t afford and the simmering war won’t allow. Surrounded by betrayals, lies, and spies, her magic slowly killing her, and with a thirst for revenge, Evren won’t allow someone she loves to sacrifice their life to save her own.

But time is running out and dark secrets are revealed as a battle rages across time for an ancient relic that may alter all their futures. If only Evren can survive long enough…