Where the Light Dies

Where the Light Dies

Will he find redemption or fall into eternal darkness?

Elven warrior Abraxas Kain thought he died in the battle. Instead, he’s stranded in time, a hundred years in the past and enslaved to his enemy, the blood mage and necromancer, Nerezza. Re-fighting old battles, Abraxas is forced to confront the atrocities he’s committed. He’d once been the Champion of Haphion, the God of Light. But had the battles he’d fought really been for the moral side? He no longer believes in redemption. There is only salvation, and salvation requires sacrifice.

As a lost daughter of Serevadia, Nerezza believes it’s her duty to bring her people out of the shadows where they’ve been living underground and into the light on the surface. And whether he’s willing or not, Nerezza is determined Abraxas will help her.

In the present time, Evren and the Wandering Sols grieve for Abraxas. Then they find themselves in a race against time as the Serevadian threat beneath their feet begins a war for the surface. Nerezza was once a friend, but destiny and her lust for power has turned her against the Wandering Sols as she hunts for the artifacts that will give her the divinity to return her people to their rightful place. Abraxas fights his own internal battle. Will he remain trapped in the darkness of the past or find his way back to the light? What will be sacrificed as old allies and enemies return to face the coming threat of an entire world at war?